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  • Rufus Smith, Jr.

    Criminal Defense Attorney

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    At Rufus Smith, Jr. and Associates, we tailor each defense to the unique situation that each individual case presents. The state of Georgia must prove you are guilty before you can be convicted of a crime. With an excellent defense attorney who takes time to investigate the facts of your case and presents them appropriately to the court, you may be able to avoid a conviction, potential jail time, and a lifelong criminal record. You will receive compassionate and dedicated service from an attorney who loves this country and the principles it was built on. We'll fight for your freedom and natural rights, and anyone who tries to take them away will face a considerable fighter of justice.

  • About Rufus Smith, Jr.

     •  Albany State University graduate, 1982

     •  Walter F. George School of Law graduate, Mercer University, 1986

     •  Georgia Bar Association member since 1986

     •  First 12 years of his practice were focused on personal injury

     •  Values serving his local community

     •  Settlements of more than a million dollars

  • Rufus Smith, Jr. Will Fight For You

    Rufus' passion in his life, especially for his community and his family, have given him the determination to fight through any legal or life complexity, always giving superior results.

    There is no such thing as ordinary service with Rufus Smith, Jr. fighting for your rights. Your case will be taken seriously and compassion for you is central to our service.