• Personal Injury

  • When you are seriously injured or you have suffered the loss of property, you want the most highly-qualified and compassionate attorney on your side. At the Law Office of Rufus Smith, Jr. and Associates we manage your personal injury case as if it were our own livelihood or financial future at risk. Our experience has taught us that your pending case is more than just a settlement. We understand that the grief and fear that follow an accident or injury consumes not only your financial standing, but your emotional well-being also.

    Negligence on the roadway is inevitable. While car accidents are unavoidable, the stress that comes along with attempting to manage car repairs, medical bills, lost wages and other accident related expenses can be avoided with the assistance of a skilled and practiced personal injury attorney.

    Insurance companies' obligation is to maximize their own profits, not to fairly compensate those injured by their insured's negligence. At the Law Office of Rufus Smith Jr. and Associates, our only obligation is to you, our client. With our resources and experience we will aggressively work to obtain the maximum financial return for your personal injury case.

    We will advise you every step of the way to assist in avoiding mistakes that may cost you the full value of your case. There is no charge for attorney's fees until you recover money for your expenses and injuries, and we will assist in resolving your property damage claims at no extra fee to you. For a free consultation and assistance with your personal injury case today, call 770-251-2373.